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208 - How to Identify and Develop HiPo Employees, Ft. Joey Price

You might have heard all about how it’s important to have high-potential employees on your team. But are you able to identify HiPos in your workplace? And do you know what are the best approaches for handling their development?

Today’s episode is dedicated to high-potential employees; talented assets of your team that have the characteristics which will help drive your business forward. We’re going to explore why HiPos are such a valuable resource for companies everywhere, describe some of the best ways for spotting them and dive deep into the top practices for helping them develop to their truest, highest potential.

And a quick reminder for all you HiPos out here, we’ve started the “BLC Biz Book Club” and the applications are open!

The first book that we’re going to go through and discuss is:

Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People”.




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