October 31, 2017

113 - Save As If You’ll Live Forever: Better Money Decisions Ft. Kate Statler

Save As If You'll Live Forever:

Better Money Decisions


Ft. Kate Statler, Co-Founder


About this episode:

Bitcoin. ETFs. Stocks. Bonds. Real Estate. Business Opportunities.
The number of investment vehicles you hear and read about on the news these days can be a bit overwhelming. Trusting your own hunches on how to invest your money can be a big mistake. You need advice on where to put your money and grow it for all of life's goals and emergencies - and you need to have a plan.
Today I'm joined by Kate Stalter Founder of Better Money Decisions and columnist at sites like Forbes, US News & World Report,TheStreet.com, Seeking Alpha, and to top it all off, she is also the host of the America Talks Money financial podcast.

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