March 7, 2016

20 - Do Women Make Better CEO Than Men? | Janine Truitt

Do Women Make Better CEO Than Men?

Janine Truitt, CIO 
Talent Think Innovations, LLC

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Topics Covered:
Starting a business, networking as an introvert, do women make better CEO's than men?, why business leaders need to be on social media, and more!

Show Details:
Every year in March, we Americans celebrate Women's History Month. With it's roots going back to the 1980's and work done by the National Women's History Project, The Women's History Month is a crowning achievement for the organization's task of "writing women back into history."

Today I'm joined by an innovator in her own right who is taking over in the realm of women's entrepreneurship - Janine Truitt

About Janine:
Chief Innovations Officer at Talent Think Innovations, LLC , Founder of The Aristocracy of HR, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Her Business - Talent Think Innovations, LLC is a multi-disciplinary business strategy and management consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses and individuals alike realize their potential and achieve their goals through the development and execution of practical and sustainable strategies in the following focus areas:
-HR/Talent Management Strategy
-Executive and Leadership Coaching and Training
-Career Coaching
-Digital Marketing Coaching for SMBs
-Technology Advisory Services and Strategy
-Startup Mentorship & Advisement for Women
-Brand Influencer Marketing

Grab a cup of your favorite brew and let's begin!

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