January 15, 2019

178 - Rapid Rewiring: How to Improve Your Confidence and Mental Health Using Positive Self-Talk, Ft. Michele Molitor

Our guest for this week is Michele Molitor, executive confidence coach, career growth expert, bestselling author, and founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc., a coaching and consulting company. Michele’s named her methods Rapid Rewiring, as they are based on the principles of the Rapid Transformational Therapy, pioneered by the renowned therapist Marisa Peer. She is currently cooperating with Marisa Peer and helping her develop a Rapid Transformational Coach Training Program. Michele is also the co-author of the bestselling book ‘Breakthrough Healing’, which focuses on depicting the effectiveness of alternative medicine practices and the benefits they can have on our mental and overall health.

Our topics include:

  • The 3 things entrepreneurs need to know about the neuroscience behind success.
  • What is Rapid Rewiring and how is it helping executives build confidence and preserve mental health?
  • How should we approach dealing with negative beliefs and self-talk?
  • Michele’s journey from a creative director in web development to becoming an executive confidence coach.

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